Sexuality & Psychotherapy

Sexuality and PsychotherapyThe National Science Foundation funds a current SART project about the construction of “sexual orientation” as a mental health issue in psychotherapy or “talk therapy.” Dr. Grzanka is Principal Investigator with Dr. Joe Miles of the University of Tennessee, and with the assistant of SART members, they seek to explore how a recently released archive of psychotherapy training videos (from Alexander Street Press) offers insight into how psychologists produce, use and co-create the concept of sexual orientation (as an object of psychological science) with their clients in the process of psychotherapy. This study is the first step in a planned research program to explore the ontology of sexuality in psychological science. One major component of their research is the publication of the Sexuality & Psychotherapy Database, which was developed and implemented by SART team members and launched in December 2012, and features an expansive and growing archive of annotated research on the study of sexual orientation, psychology and therapeutic/clinical practice.

View the NSF award announcement.

Faculty member awarded NSF grant to study sexual orientation in psychotherapy (ASU News).

Sexuality & Psychotherapy Database

Brian, J. D., & Grzanka P. R. (2014). “The Machine in the Garden of Desire.” AJOB: Neuroscience, 5(1): 17-18. 


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